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StarSkate Fall 2020 Schedule 

 Fall Session: October 5th-December 19th 2020

 Winter Session: cancelled

Spring Session: cancelled

Due to Covid-19 protocols, skaters must arrive 20-30 minutes before their scheduled class (i.e., arrive on the hour, so if the class begins at 6:20, skaters should arrive for 6:00pm).  Skaters must enter through the back doors - Pad B entrance.  One spectator per skater may enter as well.  Masks must be worn into the sportsplex, but masks are not required on the ice.  Arena doors will be locked at quarter past the hour and anyone who arrives late will not be allowed to enter the arena and join the class (CW Sportsplex protocols).  Spectators cannot come and go.  Once you exit the building, re-entrance is not permitted.  Covid screening must be completed every time - for skaters and for spectators.  Starskaters have access to a skate tying area (which needs to be cleared out by 20 after the hour) and they also have access to assigned change rooms.

StarSkate Program Schedule


Monday   Wednesday Friday Saturday 

Star 1-2 Group Lessons (core class)

(beginning Star)                         


6:25-7:20 pm 

(arrive for 6:00; doors locked at 6:15)


Star 3-Gold Group Lessons (core class)


7:20-8:20 pm

(arrive for 7:00; doors locked at 7:15)


Star 1-Gold Power & Presentation

(group lesson)

5:30-6:25 pm

(arrive for 5:00; doors locked at 5:15)




Star 1-Gold Dance

(group lesson; Star 1s need coach recommendation to take this class)

6:25-7:20 pm

(arrive for 6:00; doors locked at 6:15)




Star 1-2 Jumps & Spins 

(group lesson)


6:20-7:20 pm

(arrive for 6:00; doors locked at 6:15)


Star 3-Gold Jumps & Spins Class

(group lesson; Star 3+, or for older skaters ~ 12 years+, with coach recommendation)


7:20-8:20 pm

(arrive for 7:00; doors locked at 7:15)


Star 3-Gold Practice

(independent training; additional ice time)


6:20-7:20 pm

(arrive for 6:00; doors locked at 6:15)

Star 1-Gold  Practice Time (coached)    

4:30-5:30 pm 

(arrive for 4:00; doors locked at 4:15)

 8:30-9:30 am

(arrive for 8:00; doors locked at 8:15)

StarSkate Off-Ice Training Class        

StarSkate Program Fees  

Ice Fees: 
  • Starting at $200-$220 for one 60 minute session, once per week, Jan-March. (based on 11 or 12 week sessions)
  • Registration fees include all coaching fees for practice ice, as well as group lessons.
  • Please refer to program descriptions.
Coaching Fees:
  • Please refer to our Coach section for contact information.
  • StarSkate Practice sessions are priced to include coaching fees.
  • Group Classes include the coaching fees.
Group Classes for StarSkate: 
  • Include coaching fees
  • Mix of core classes that cover all aspects of the Star program, as well as more group lessons focused on specific disciplines (i.e., Dance)
  • StarSkate Practice Sessions will typically still follow the private/semi-private mode of coaching, with independent practice time, but the coaching fees are included.

Skate Canada Membership Fee:

  • $44.00 (non-refundable) added at checkout (includes the new Safe Sport fee)
  • Membership year - September 1-August 31 
  • When you sign up for a skating program at a Skate Canada member-club you automatically become a member of the national organization.
  • There are many advantages that go with a Skate Canada membership such as accident insurance, access to Skate Canada programs and materials, the opportunity to participate in interclub and invitational competitions and special member prices on merchandise from the on-line store. 


After on-line registration:

Payment on-line by credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa)

Monthly payments are an option with credit card.