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StarSkate Fall 2021 Schedule 


 2022 / 2023 Seasons: September 7 , 2022-  February 27, 2023 

Spring Session: Not available spring 2022

Our Club runs on Vounteers, this includes Star Skaters to to assist with our Pre Can and Canskate as Program Assistants (PA's) to grow for the future.  We ask thaat all Star 2+ skaters volunteer for minimum of 1 night per week.  Please fowaard an email or let Marsha/Chris or Karen know within the first week kof skating your day preference to arrange scheudle for the season.  We are more than happy to accept multiple days if available.  High School Volunteer Hours can be collected and training will be provided.  Thank you in advance for paying it forward!!

 In addition each week we will present a few minutes of PA  training (Canskate Program Assistant) -guidance, advice and tips. PA's are a very important part of all skating clubs. Canskate programs cannot function well without PA's helping the professional coaches, especially with the youngest beginners (age 3-4) who need more attention than just the group leader. 

Star 1 and 2 Skaters are strongly recommended and encouraged to take at minumum 2 on ice classes (Star 1/2 Core Class) and Off Ice to enhance flexiblity, balance and strength.  Additional ice time/classes are  available for those who are looking to progress at an accelerated rate. 

Star 3+ Skaters are encouraged and recommended to take minumum of 2 on ice classes (Star 3+ Core and any practice / group lesson) and Off Ice to enhance flexibility, balance and strength.  Additional ice time/classes are available for those wo are lookingto progress at an accelerated rate 


StarSkate Program Schedule


Monday   Wednesday Friday   

Star 1-2 Core Group Lesson 

(beginning Star/ Figure Skating)                         



Star 3-Gold Core Group Lesson


  655 - 7:50


Power, Performance & Dance  (Skating Skills)  Group Lesson  (1 hr 30 mins class)

***All Star Skaters Welcome***





Jumps & Spins Group Lesson

***All Star Skaters Welcome






7:20 - 8:20



Star 2-Gold Practice

(combination of independent training and private lesson style coaching)



Star 1-2 Off-Ice Training      5:45-6:15
Star 3+ Off Ice Training     8:30-9:00


StarSkate Program Fees  

All Star Skate Classes: 
  • Includes coaching fees.
  • Mix of core classes that cover all aspects of the Star program, as well as more group lessons focused on specific disciplines (i.e., Jumps & Spins, Dance)
  • StarSkate Practice Sessions will typically still follow the private/semi-private mode of coaching, with independent practice time, but the coaching fees are included.

Skate Canada Membership Fee:

  • $45.00 (non-refundable) added at checkout (includes the new Safe Sport fee)
  • Membership year - September 1-August 31 
  • When you sign up for a skating program at a Skate Canada member-club you automatically become a member of the national organization.
  • There are many advantages that go with a Skate Canada membership such as accident insurance, access to Skate Canada programs and materials, the opportunity to participate in interclub and invitational competitions and special member prices on merchandise from the on-line store. 


After on-line registration:

Payment on-line by credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa)

Monthly payments are an option with credit card with all pmts due by Jan 15, 2023