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Starskate Programs at the Fergus Skating Club

 With the exception of our group lessons and classes the Starskate Program is not as structured as Canskate in that it offers independant practice time to skaters.

This year our Jr/Sr (Star 2-Gold) practice session fees include your coaching fees. Skaters receive private or semi-private lessons (15 minutes or more)  from a professional coach on these sessions but will need to be able to practice independently for the rest of the skating session.

Our programs have been renamed to align with new Skate Canada Testing System.

Please review the "Equivalency" Chart below.

STAR 1-5 Equivalencies.pdf


Star 1-2 Core Group Lessons ( also called Introductory)

  • This class is for skaters interested in figure skating who are not yet ready for private coaching.
  • Coaching cost is included in the group lesson fees. 
  • Passed Canskate Badge 4 or higher  (or as recommended by coach).
  • There are two core classes: a 60 minute group lesson on Wednesdays and a 55 minute group lesson on Fridays, on dedicated StarSkate ice - not shared with Canskate.
  • Star 1 skaters may enrol in one or both Core Group Lessons.
  • A group instruction program with the focus on the foundations of figure skating, taught by professional Skate Canada certified coaches.
  • Other group coached classes available: Jumps & Spins Class, Power & Performance/Dance Class, and/or semi-private Practice sessions (Star 1, and even Star 2 families, may wish to check in with a coach or Board Member if unsure if their skater is ready for these lessons).

Star 3+ Core Group Lessons 

  • 60 minute core group lesson on Fridays.
  • Coaching cost is included in the group lesson fees.
  • Based on coach recommendation.
  • The disciplines of Ice Dance and Elements and Skills at the Skate Canada Preliminary Testing Level will be taught (ie., Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Baby Blues, Preliminary Skills & Elements)
  • Previous participation in Star 1-2 Group is recommended.
  • Other group coached classes available are: Power & Performance Class, Jump/Spin Class, Dance Class, and/or semi-private practice sessions.

StarSkate Practice Sessions 2 + Gold 

  • Skaters will be working on the StarSkate test program.
  • Private/semi-private lesson format, but coaching fees are included.
  • Opportunities to work on solos, prepare for competitions, and receive other direct instruction on key areas/skills to build.
  • Group coached classes are also available (Power & Performance Class, Jump/Spin Class, Dance Class).

StarSkate Power and Performance/Dance Class - All Star Skaters Welcome

  • Coaching cost covered by the class fees.
  • Designed for Star 1+ level figure skaters or as recommended by a coach.
  • Focused on development of power and stamina with exercises to develop edges, turns and field moves.
  • Group exercises for dance stroking and steps, with attention to various dance styles, ie. tango, foxtrot, blues, etc .
  • Focused on edges, transitions, and timing for patterned dances.
  • Performance and music interpretation will also be highlighted.
  • Various special seminars on occasion.

 StarSkate Jump and Spin Class - All Star Skaters Welcome

  • 60 minute group program, with coaching cost included in the class fees.
  • Enrichment class designed to focus on jumping and spinning techniques.
  • Designed for Jr/Sr Starskaters (Star 2-gold) or as recommended by a professional coach

StarSkate Off-Ice Class (all Star levels)

  • Led by a club coach focused on exercises to increase flexibility, balance, strength and conditioning.
  • From time to time there will be advice about StarSkate test days, performing and competing.
  • In addition most weeks we will present a few minutes of PA training (Canskate Program Assistant)- guidance, advice and tips. PA's are a very important part of all skating clubs. Canskate programs cannot function well without Pa's helping the professional coaches, especially with the youngest beginners (age 3-4) who need more attention than just the group leader.

STAR 1-5 Equivalencies.pdf



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