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On Ice Priorities...

A schedule for skills, freeskate and dance will be posted each skating session by the STARskate Pro-Coach and will be followed by all skaters

  1. Upon request by a coach, dance will be allowed during freeskate and freeskate during dance, but skills will not be allowed during freeskate or dance
  2. Coaches requests for music take priority over skaters requests
  3. A few bars of the first skater on the solo list’s music will be played to signal skaters that freeskates are starting –after that all freeskate music will be played – if a skater is not ready they must either catch up or wave off their music and it will replayed at the end of the solo list if time permits.
  4. Spins are practiced in the middle of the ice.
  5. Jumps performed near the end of the ice.
  6. Common respect for all


Right of Way Etiquette (in order of priority) 

1. Skater having solo played has right of way.

2. Private lesson skater

3. Group lesson skater

4. Skater not in lessons


For safety reasons

The number of STARskaters allowed on the ice will be limited to 25
Skaters participating in the Introductory Starskate Group program (previously named PreJr/Jr Group) must have completed Stage 4.
Skaters participating in Junior Programs must have completed Stage 6. 



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